Things You Can't Tell Just By Looking at Me (& A Few That You Can):

1.  I love to wear hats, as evidenced in my little photo collage above.  I rock my collection of wool fedoras in Fall & Winter and switch to straw in the warmer months.  When I'm not donning a chapeau jauntily cocked to the side, I am taking cover under my huge beloved parasol.  

2.  I love both NYC and LA.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, when I decided to move to New York, all my friends and family wondered how I was going to survive the winters and insisted I was going to turn right back around as soon as summer hit.  My boyfriend at the time pointed out that, "Baby, you don't even own a shirt with a back".  Well, three years later, I'm still here, bought some shirts with backs and I'm flipping charmed as hell by the changing seasons.  I actually love Winter... and absolutely everything else about NYC too.  Moving to this kinetic city full of fascinating people was the best decision I have ever made.   Having said that... I dare anyone to speak ill of my hometown in my presence.  You can't beat the weather, the laid back attitude and the general joie de vivre of the Angelenos.  The cities are very different, but both are equally marvelous in their own rights.

3.  I change my hair a lot.  I jokingly call myself a hair schizophrenic.  I've had a teeny weeny afro, a slightly bigger afro, a pixie cut, a bob, long hair with bangs (which I have again currently), long curly hair, braids and everything in between...at least three times each.   I'm not even sure I can articulate a reason for the constant hair rotation.  I suppose I just like change.  If it's not quite time to change something else, like my job or home, I change my hair just to keep a little spice in my life.

4.  I am picking up my gig again as the New York Fashion Finds writer for the Examiner.com.  I was originally the Los Angeles Fashion Finds writer and stopped posting after moving to NYC.  But now that I've become fully acclimated to my new home and have shopped the heck out of this place, I'm picking up where I left off.  Feel free to sign up for updates on the hottest places to shop in NYC.

5.  My first and last names are Kristen Stewart, just like the actress from Twilight.  Back when she was beloved and darling children would accidentally send me her fan mail, or I got a great table at a restaurant, it was cute.  But now, all I have to say about this is... I am not a trampire, so please don't tweet me that I am.  But if you have something nice to say, please by all means follow me and spread a little love my way.

6.  And lastly, I'll just sum myself up as a early rising (I get up at 5:45 am every day), piano and flute playing (been playing since I was 3), former member of Mensa (yep, I'm genius enough to no longer pay membership dues just to say I'm a genius), who just lives for fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle and is eager to share it with you.